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by Rikk Agnew Band

  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    New album from Rikk Agnew Band is everything you want from a punk legend, and then some! The cover is controversial, but not gratuitous. Rikk has a message and he demands your full attention! 180 gram black vinyl comes with a download card and LP insert.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Learn. via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 10 days

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  • Streaming + Download

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    Comes with pdf booklet!

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  • Cassette + Digital Album

    The scorching debut album from Rikk Agnew Band on hi-bias cassette, released in conjunction with Fullerton's Burger Records. Super limited quantities.

    Includes unlimited streaming of Learn. via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 10 days

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Rikk Agnew: Guitars/Vocals
Gitane Demone: Vocals
Sam Hare: Guitars/Vocals
Justin Parnell: Noisy Timekeeper
Gregory A. Watson: Bass/Vocals

Additional Musicians:
Paul Roessler: Keyboards/Backing Vocals
Backing Vocals: Polina Mt. Agnew/Carissa Marvin/Jacob Hellinga


released October 14, 2016

Produced by Rikk Agnew & Paul Roessler
Engineered by Paul Roessler
Intern Assistant Engineer: Polina Mt. Agnew
Mixed by Paul Roessler & Rikk Agnew
Mastered by Paul duGré
Design by Rachel Gutek
Executive Producer: Lisa Fancher
Production Manager: Julie Masi
Back cover photo by Stephanie Pick
Insert photo by John Gilhooley
Insert drawing ov band by JUSTINELLE



all rights reserved


Rikk Agnew Fullerton, California

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Track Name: I Can't Change The World
I can’t change the world
But maybe We can change it together
They got a machine, got a killing machine
The genocide kind, yeah You know what I mean
We’re gonna take it! Yeah yeah yeah
Gotta plan, get a master plan
Trash it quikk now, anyway We can
We’re gonna break it! Yeah yeah yeah
Cut those fears and strip all the gears
Start those smiles and stop all the tears
We’re gonna make it! Yeah yeah yeah
Gather up, gather round
Common cause, common ground
Off Our asses, thru the door
What the hell are We waiting for?
Track Name: Ripped to the Tits
Friday Night
Time to play
Gonna go out get crazy
Drink the night away
Have a shot
Maybe 10
Fight, Fukk or Dance Take a chance
Start the madness all over again
Feeling good
Feeling right
Gonna find some romance
If I make it through the night
Failing Me
Hope I didn’t offend anyone
Or damage anything
I was so jakked up
I couldn’t see straight
I couldn’t stand up
Outta My fukkin head
I was so whakked out
I must’ve blakked out
I can’t remember
I’m on a bender
I guess You could say
That I was ripped to the tits
No Way!
Close the curtains
Throbbing head I’m not OK!
Oh My head
I’ll stay in bed
Gonna sleep the day and
Sleep the night away instead
What’d I do?
What’d I say?
Was I a fool? A tool?
An evil demon? eh?
No recall
Or memory
Did I get in trouble?
Oh no, here comes Punkbelly!
Track Name: Bash!
Rodney and Reggie lyin’ in the streets
One ov Them was blakk
One ov Them was white
All ov it was wrong
None ov it was right
Kelly Thomas, Cops beat Him to death
He was screaming “DADDY!” till His dying breath
Next it could be YOU
Next it could be ME
Let’s put away these muthafukkaz
Throw away the key!
Track Name: Think Ov The Children
Say They love Us but They’re not above Us
The future ov Their genes
It doesn’t really seem They love Us anymore
Say They care but They’re unaware ov
The things They do obscene
It doesn’t seem They really care much anymore
What the hell is the adult world
Thinking ov?
Ov Our lives?
Do We stand to live out Our days
Or Our nights?
Do You think ov the Children?
Fill Our heads all full ov dread
The shit You feed Our minds
You never listen to Our problems not at all
Gotta run gotta powerlunch
Plan genetic suicide
Your mokk concern it really burns Us
Deep inside
Loving parents or so it seems
Career-minded zombies in a sewer ov dreams
Yuppies too busy for the latch key kids
Such achievers
Do We think ov the Children?
Can We stand to look up to You
Supposed to believe Your lies
What the hell is the fighting for?
Waging war
Do We think ov the Children?
Track Name: Kitten Robot Blues
I was born
I live
I will die
Track Name: Life Stinx
No matter how much You try to please
You only end up feeling like a disease
Never pans out so why should I care
Why Bother? Doesn’t seem fair
Because Life Stinx
Think, then You sink in a deep abyss
Depression with a sloppy kiss
Looks like garbage and smells like shit
Life Stinx so make the best ov it
Because Life Stinx
Life Stinx and then You die
Gonna stikk a needle in Your fukkin’ eye
Track Name: BLVD
Man I’m so sikk ov this ghetto life
Come at Me with a fukking knife
Yeah I’m not impressed by Your little show
1-2-3-4 Let’s GO!!!
Cruising down the Boulevard
In big fat classic cars
It’s how We roll, It’s what We do
We ride in packs ov ten
We’re not Your fukking Friend
We’ll beat You senseless, blakk n blue
Man I’m so sikk ov this fukkin’ place
Really tired ov Your fukking show
Track Name: Learn !!
It blows My mind
how evil Man can be
It turns My stomach
all the sikkness that I see
What the hell is wrong with society?
Learn! They gotta learn
Why is there so fukkin much hypocrisy?
Learn! We gotta learn
It clouds My eyes
The lakk ov humanity
It hurts My head
to live in such catastrophe
Where’s the love, compassion, sympathy?
C’mon Let’s learn! Learn!
When will humans understand?
It’s so fukkin’ easy
Now Let’s learn learn LEARN!
Track Name: Catfight
She tried to scratch My eyes out
Just trying to turn and walk away
I’ll tell You what You wanna hear
Try to make You go the fukk away
Looks like there’s gonna be a brawl
Bakk Your shit up after all
Where’s My keys?
Pack the gear
Got to get the fukk outta here
Call My Doctor
Call My Mom
This fight shouldn’t take too long
Just remember don’t pass out
Coz a boot to the face will
knokk Your teeth out
Some bitches, They get jealous
Others are just fukking mean
Looking for a fight
Blowing off a little steam
Look out for the quiet ones
They will catch You off guard
Wake up in the E room
Or in Your front yard
Track Name: Punkbelly
I’ve got Punkbelly
You’ve got Punkbelly
We’ve got Punkbelly
Punkbelly right now
It’s the sensation the feeling makes
You fear and sends You reeling
when You experience something
so shokking or disturbing
that You wish You had not seen not heard
it ever but now it’s too late to undo the
brain scar that will haunt You eternally
Track Name: Deprogrammer
Didja get the picture?
Didja get it straight?
Do Ya didja get deprogrammed
Before it was too late?
Now I see a world before Me
That I cannot realize
Gotta play in the sinningwinning game
Before You receive the prize
I see the light
You feel the pain
I am the Deprogrammer
I ‘ll erase Your mind
I am the declawing hammer
I’ll leave a space behind
I see the squalor
I hear the pain
I taste the poisonous
When I drink the acid rain
I smell the heat ov a brewing
ov a coming ov a new age war
I feel that things will never be
Like they were before
I am the Deprogrammer
I’ll erase Your mind
I am the declawing hammer
I’ll leave a space behind
In a hardened heart’s dream
Make it right!
I shouldawouldawanna scream
Pikkinpointin fingers at Our lies
Watch in shokk as Their world dies
right before Their eyes
I’ll leave a space behind
I am the Deprogrammer